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San Diego-based appellate attorney Ben Siminou offers the following services throughout California:


Appeals / Writs

As a former trial lawyer for nearly a decade, Ben knows what a successful trial practice entails. He also knows that the very traits of a busy trial practice — a large caseload, a calendar crowded with countless deadlines, and frequent travel — are often antithetical to the degree of focus it takes to win an appeal.

Appellate work takes a dedicated practitioner who is not only familiar with the unique procedural rules in state and federal appellate courts, but who also has the time — and the passion — for the in-depth legal research, writing, and strategic decision-making that it takes to write a winning brief.

Aside from his track record for winning appeals, Ben’s practice is structured to allow him to give his full attention to the many intricacies of high-quality, successful appellate work. Ben personally handles every aspect of each appellate project he accepts, including filing the required notices to trigger the appeal, preparation of the appellate record, briefing, oral argument, and any post-appeal matters. The result is that the trial lawyers who hire Ben are free to get back to the things it takes to maintain a successful trial practice, confident that their appeals are in good hands.


Law-and-Motion Practice

The same characteristic of a busy trial practice that can make it difficult for trial lawyers to successfully handle their own appeals can also prevent trial lawyers from giving their law-and-motion work the full attention it deserves.

Ben has extensive experience prosecuting and opposing motions in both state and federal courts with an exceptionally high win-rate against some of the biggest corporations and defense firms in the country, including demurrers/motions to dismiss, motions for class certification, motions for summary judgment, motions in limine, and post-trial motions. In his nine years of trial practice, Ben was repeatedly recognized for his skillful law-and-motion work not only by colleagues, but by his adversaries as well.

If you do not have the time to handle a particular motion on your calendar — or simply prefer to focus on other aspects of your trial practice — Ben is ready to bring his expertise in motion practices to bear on your cases. He is available to work on a project-by-project basis or as dedicated support counsel on a case that will entail significant law and motion.


Strategic Consultation

Trial attorneys who anticipate the potential for an appeal — whether initiated by themselves or their opponents — would be wise to consult with an experienced appellate practitioner for advice on how to position themselves for the best odds of success if, in fact, an appeal becomes necessary.

Drawing upon the unique insight wrought by his extensive experience as both a trial lawyer and appellate practitioner, Ben offers trial lawyers critical guidance on how to preserve and frame issues to maximize their likelihood of success on appeal. This advice may prove invaluable in influencing trial strategy by identifying critical motions in limine, the language to use in jury instructions and verdict forms, evidence to present (or avoid) at trial, and what if any post-trial motions to file.

Similarly, attorneys with uncertainty about whether to appeal an adverse result would be wise to consult an experienced appellate attorney to gain meaningful insight into their likelihood of success on appeal. Again, drawing on his experience in both trial work and appeals, Ben will review the relevant pleadings and transcripts from the trial-court proceedings and offer an informed, objective assessment of the pros and cons of an appeal in a particular case.


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Based in San Diego, Siminou Appeals offers advice and appellate representation in state and federal matters throughout California. For more information, contact Ben.